Who We Are

InApp has been pioneering in Cloud Development and Integration for the last decade. We have moved countless applications (and people) to the cloud through out the years and believe Cloud transformation is the key to future. InApp works on all 3 service categories: infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and software as a service (SaaS). We partner with global Cloud providers as AWS, Azure, Digital Ocean...  Read More

Services We Offer

We provide end-to-end services in your move to the cloud, including:

Assess the readiness of your application, databases, network and other key components, for the move. Create a plan, estimates and risk factors that you may have to consider for the move.
Develop a complete cloud architecture suitable for the application looking at its potential growth, need for horizontal and vertical scalability, security, data volumes, performance and minimizing operating expenses.
End-to-end migration starting with understanding the application, programming to make it suitable for the cloud, porting databases, converting to SaaS if required and maximizing user experience.
Along with normal software testing, we also undertake tests to make sure of horizontal automatic scaling, maximum loads, test in various environments, check the safety, scalability, load response of the application.
Cloud maintenance, providing Sysadmin / DevOps / IT Admin services on AWS, Azure, Google and Digital Ocean platforms. Support programming, testing and monitoring services on an ongoing basis.
Business Continuity
Provide effective disaster recovery and unbroken services during a hardware or software catastrophe. Design & deploy automated backup & restore and fault tolerant systems.

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The emergence of virtualization started a new era of modern computing with improved system utilization, applications decoupling from the underlying hardware, and enhancing workload mobility & protection. Virtualization in its both forms, Container and VM’s allow multiple operating systems to run on a single physical machine. Even though containers expedite rapid, agile development, questions are […]

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4 Key Factors When Choosing Cloud Service Providers

For smaller firms, one of the biggest benefits of moving their operations to the cloud is that they can focus on the business at hand and let the cloud-based service handle such worrisome IT concerns as security, maintenance, backup and support. With an increasing number of companies offering an ever-growing menu of cloud computing solutions […]

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Download E-Book : Cloud for SMB and Startups

Cloud for SMB and Startups eBook Cloud for SMB And Startups EBook – A step by step guide on introducing cloud to your environment, be you either an SMB or Startup. Download the E-Book Now    Click Here to Download

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