7 Cloud Computing Security Concerns

Cloud computing security is probably the most important area of concern for most businesses who are evaluating a cloud computing strategy for themselves. “The Cloud” essentially provides the option of storing and processing data on a device which is externally located and may or may not be shared. The extent to which the processing & […]

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Managed Vs Unmanaged Cloud – An Infograph

There are lots of numbers involved when migrating to the cloud.There needs to be an important choice to be taken between a managed cloud (where the vendor manages, patches and troubleshoots your cloud surrounding) or an unmanaged cloud (where your IT department has to do that on its own). Here’s an infograph focusing on the […]

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Cloud App Development Using Microservices
Cloud App development using Microservices

Cloud based Apps developed using Microservices architecture are a radical change from our present day Monolithic, on premise applications. These next generation applications are providing the software with the robustness and agility it requires in today’s world. These applications are also much cheaper to develop and maintain. Though these applications are economical, they pack a […]

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