Drive onto the Cloud with InApp !

InApp is one of the pioneers in application development in the cloud environment with expertise in Cloud Development & Integration. We were one of the first to help our clients move their client server and web applications to be hosted on the clouds. We specialise in migration of applications to the cloud resulting in increased performance, higher scalability and lower costs, ultimately resulting in higher productivity. We provide end-to-end services in your move to the cloud, including:

  • Consulting: Assess the readiness of your application, databases, network and other key components, for the move. Give you a plan, estimates and risk factors, that you may have to consider for the move.
  • Architecture: We help you by developing a complete cloud architecture suitable for your application looking at the potential growth, need for horizontal and vertical scalability, security, data volumes, performance and minimizing operating expenses.
  • Migration: We provide end-to-end migration starting with understanding the application, programming to make it suitable for the cloud, porting databases, converting to SaaS if required and maximizing user experience.
  • Testing: We make sure your application works right. In addition to the normal testing we undertake tests to make sure of loading and scalability, test in various environments, check the safety, scalability, load response of the application.
  • Maintenance: We do cloud maintenance, providing Sysadmin / DevOps / IT Admin services on AWS, Azure, Google and Digital Ocean platforms. We also support programming, testing and monitoring services on an ongoing basis.
  • Business Continuity: We provide effective disaster recovery and provide you with unbroken services during a hardware or software catastrophe. We also design and deploy automated backup, restore and fault tolerant systems to keep your business going whatever happens.

We work with global partners :

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